How to know if you are on the list of financial bad payers

To obtain information on the status of the payer, it is therefore possible to contact the intermediary who disbursed the emergency loans, or directly to the Central Credit Register managed by the Bank.   

Thus in no case be able to provide the data entered by Intermediaries who do not adhere to the same CR, who will instead have to contact the Credit Information Systems (SIC) such as CRIF, Eurisc, Experian, CTC, Assilea, CERVED etc. These companies are private in nature and are not subject to any supervision or regulatory activity by the Bank. To find out about the data stored in the SIC and ask for them to be corrected if necessary, it is necessary to contact the SIC immediately because the Bank is not accountable for the databases governed by personal bodies emergency loans for bad credit.

emergency loans for bad credit

Who can access the Central Credit Register?

Every private citizen can contact the Central Risks managed by the Bank of Italy directly to check if he is counted as a bad payer. The service is free, made available by the CR, and allows you to know only the data registered in your name.

They can therefore access the Central Credit Register:

  • The natural persons in whose name the information is registered or in their place, the subjects required by law (for example the guardian, the support administrator, the heir or a person with a proxy);
  • Legal persons such as entities, companies, associations, through the legal representative or other subjects envisaged by the law (for example the liquidator, the unlimitedly liable shareholders, the shareholders of Srl, the members of the board of statutory auditors).