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Satto Babasanji

The "I" Belief
You are it
That's it

      "I don't know how to call Satto in relation to me and the experience of Enlightenment. The only thing I really know is, that he appeared in my old dream-world shortly before "I" finished. And he was there on the other side - saying "welcome" to me. He was a bridge and he became my very first guide into this new, strange world I was just born into - not knowing anything, not understanding anything, empty like a baby. And of course, he is a friend..."

The « I » Belief

The belief of « special-ness » of, « somebody-ness », of a separate identity, is the root of all wrong ideas, identifications, thoughts and behaving. A lot of « should be, should nít be », « might be, might not be », « could be, could nít be ».

This belief distort the perception of reality, of truth, creating misrepresentation, confusion and comparison with all that is expect to be and is not. The consequence is the deny of what really is, already is, and create a feeling of perpetual in-satisfaction and an endless running and longing for what is not.

Thatís to live in a dream. Thatís the usual nightmare of most of human beings.

Reality is already perfect as it is, nothing missing. Just see the confusion you entertain, you support.

Before the idea of how the world or life « should be », see the belief of « me », of « I » should or could be. This « I », somebody-ness, special-ness, is the root of suffering and confusion in the world. Itís only through this « I » , this wrong vision, you are « seeing » the world, judging, comparing, constantly creating a hell in and around you.

Still you expect the world or this body-mind organism you call « I, myself », to be different from what is now, you live in a dream. See the suchness of what is now, of now itself, without expecting anything to change. There is only now. Do not refer to memories of the past or to what is possible to imagine in the so-call future. Itís anyhow happening now. See the suchness of now, in the very moment. Thatís the only reality. Only now is free. Only now you really are.

Just for a single moment, stop to try to be « somebody », just be, and see who you really are! Are you the thoughts? Are you the emotions? Are you the sensations?... No. When all is gone, whatís left? Pure aware. No special-ness at all! See the value of what is. Freedom itself! No achievement, no becoming, enough-ness! So obvious, so simple, so ordinary, is-ness itself. Already given, always been, eternity...

If « you » are honestly willing peace in this world, be « who you are », be true to the truth, you are it already... Peace itself... Love itself... Joy itself... Pure Intelligence...Freedom... What can be added to «This»?

You are it

Life is a Play, an amazing Play!
Just know who you are, really.
Donít be deluded by forms.
There is no-separation.
Be playful like a child.
Not childish, childlike.
Innocent, Freedom itself!
There is nobody!
Enjoy the Joke!
You are it!
Love too!  

Ready to put aside all you think,
all ideas and beliefs you carry about anything?
Just in the instant, know who you are,
beyond identification, memories, expectations,
realize this Silence Aware you are!
Only now. Already Free!

Awakening is your very nature.
Itís not a goal, something to achieve.
Your only job is to let you see,
to realize « This » you already are.
In stillness it reveals itself naturally.
It needs no time, itís always now!
Beyond identification, what do you want?
Do you want to support the stories?
Or, are you willing to value truth?
Thatís freedom itself, « This » you are.

Do you really want to know truth?
Do you really want to know that,
what you call yourself is not.
Do you really want to be who you are?
To be who you are is free.
And much more, Freedom itself!
and the joke is...You are it!

That's it!

Can you imagine a mirror which will be able to keep the memory of each image passing in front of it?
This will be a huge mess! Not a single empty space left to reflect properly what is coming; the real reflection of the instant will be mixed up with all the memories; impossible to see clearly what is. Only superimposed, only overstrike, only confusion!

Thatís unfortunately the case in our daily life!

Just see, in the instant, beyond all memories, ideas, what really is! Do not cover truth with anything, keep quiet, without any commentary, just see now what is.

Just see, just be. Nobody, nothing, just this Silence Aware you really are!...

Empty... Free... Full... Just « this »!... and, Fuck the Queen!!! Itís so simple, so obvious, so ordinary that we overlook all the time!... Itís now, just now, right now, only Now! Thatís it!


- Om Shanti -

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 « To write something and leave it behind us, it is but a dream.
When we awake we know there is not even anyone to read it! »
Ikkyu. 15 century. Japan.